Last Update: December 1, 2011
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Daylight Performance Simulation & Design Tools

Daylight design includes a variety of performance considerations from comfort and well being to building energy requirements, safety, security, economics, etc. This section is focused on daylight effects on visual comfort and energy requirements for lighting and HVAC, providing basic information and references to manual and computer-based methods and tools.

Visual comfort considerations include direct solar penetration through transparent glazing, illuminance distributions over areas of interest, such as work and viewing surfaces, and luminance distributions from view positions and directions of interest, such as key occupant positions.

Manual Methods & Tools
Manual methods for evaluation of daylight performance include use of sun path diagrams, various simplified methods and tools for daylight factor estimation, and physical scale models. This section is focused on horizontal sun path projection diagrams and physical scale models.
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Computer-Based Methods & Tools
Computer based tools for daylight performance prediction and evaluation come in various forms, some dedicated to daylighting, some including electric lighting as well, and some extending to energy analysis through modeling of electric lighting controls and thermal effects of daylighting.
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