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Last Update: October 20, 2010
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Design & Construction Standards

Beyond the energy and environmental concerns related to lighting, there are a number of additional codes and standards that inform the design and installation of lighting in buildings.  Many construction codes address lighting in order to ensure overall building safety and fire prevention.  In addition, a number of professional organizations develop standards for practice and design, as well as generally promoting the profession of lighting design.

Construction Codes & Certifications
Before there were energy codes, there were construction codes.  Although many of the first building codes were developed primarily for fire protection, a wide variety of codes and certification standards now inform the design and construction of buildings.  Several of these codes control the design and installation of lighting.  Each code has different priorities and scope, but they all focus on the goal of building occupant safety.
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Professional Standards & Organizations
In addition to the standards and codes described above, a number of professional certifications, organizations and technical societies help to shape the lighting design profession.  These groups perform a variety of functions, including establishing professional qualifications, developing standards of practice and design recommendations, promoting and carrying out research, and generally promoting the profession of lighting design.
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Regulations & Incentives

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