Advanced Lighting Guidelines Glossary
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Ballast The ballast is an electrical device that performs two basic functions: 1) provides the starting voltage and 2) limits the… More »
Ballast Efficacy Factor (BEF) Sometimes called ballast efficiency factor, ballast efficacy factor is the ratio of the ballast factor to the active power (in… More »
Ballast efficiency Metric used to express the electrical efficiency of a ballast, measured as the lamp wattage divided by the input watts… More »
Ballast factor Ballast factor (BF) The ratio of the light output of a fluorescent lamp or lamps operated on a ballast to… More »
Basis of Design Document produced during the design phase, and refined over the remainder of the project, that clearly articulates the design intent… More »
Bi-level switching Control of lighting system involving dual-circuiting a lighting system, which enables two different light and power levels in addition to… More »
Binning (LED) The system used by an LED package manufacturer to separate their LEDs into groups with similar performance attributes.  LEDs are… More »
Biosphere The global sum of all ecosystems, all living things. Original Chapter Source: Policies & Programs More »
Black body locus The collection of points (locus) on a chromaticity diagram that describes the color of blackbody as a function of temperature. … More »
Brightness The attribute by which an area of finite size is perceived to emit, transmit, or reflect a greater or lesser… More »
British Thermal Unit (BTU) Unit of measurement for heat energy equal to about 1,055.06 joules, or the amount of thermal energy required to raise… More »
BTU See British Thermal Unit. More »
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