Advanced Lighting Guidelines Glossary
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Eccentricity The angle between the line of sight and the line from the eye to the position of the target. Original… More »
Eddy current Circulating flow of electrons (current) within a conductor which can create magnetic fields that oppose the change in magnetic field.… More »
Efficacy (luminous efficacy) Used in lighting as a measure of luminous efficiency where light (lumens) are compared to the electrical power (watts) used… More »
Efficiency A measure of the ability of a system to process energy (such as light) taking losses into account. Original Chapter… More »
Electricity delivery grid See power grid. Original Chapter Source: Policies & Programs Provided By: Craig DiLouie More »
Electrochromic Glass that has the ability to change its visible light transmittance with the application of an electric potential. Original Chapter… More »
Electrodes  The structure that serves as the electric terminals at each end of electric discharge lamps. Original Chapter Source: Sources Provided… More »
Emission mix A coating that is place on fluorescent lamp electrodes to enhance electron production. Original Chapter Source: Sources Provided by: Erik… More »
Energy Use Intensity (EUI) Measure of energy efficiency of buildings expressed in kBTU per square foot. Original Chapter Source: Policies & Programs Provided by:… More »
Equivalent Sphere Illuminance (ESI) Visibility metric of how visible a specific target is under a proposed lighting system, as compared to the same target… More »
Erythema Reddening of the skin. There are many causes of erythema. Among them is excessive exposure to ultra-violet radiation leading ultimately… More »
Exitance The total quantity of light emitted by, reflected from, and transmitted through a surface into a complete hemisphere. It is… More »
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