Advanced Lighting Guidelines Glossary
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Fenestration Any opening or arrangement of openings (normally filled with glazing media) for the admission of daylight, including any devices in… More »
Fixation A process by which the eye is held still so that the retinal image of an object remains on the… More »
Fixation point The position in the visual field that lies on the line of sight. The retinal image of the fixation point… More »
Fixed Wireless Control Network Network of wireless lighting control devices installed within range of a backbone of repeaters installed in set locations. Original Chapter… More »
Fixture efficacy The ration of light output of a fixture or luminaire to input power. Original Chapter Source: Sources Provided by: Erik… More »
Flicker fusion frequency The frequency at which a visual field repetitively oscillating in luminance appears not to be oscillating. The flicker fusion frequency… More »
Fluorescent Lamp A discharge lamp that produces light by means of electric current through low-pressure mercury gas. The arc produces ultraviolet energy… More »
Footcandle (fc) A measure of illuminance in lumens per square foot. One footcandle equals 10.76 lux, although for convenience 10 lux commonly… More »
Fossil fuel need to add definition More »
Fovea The central 2 degrees of the retina located on the line of sight. The fovea is structured so as to… More »
Fresnel lens A type of lens that achieves similar optical performance to conventional lenses while using considerably less material and within a… More »
Fuel cells Device that produces electricity from fuel (hydrogen) and an oxidant (oxygen) which react in the presence of a catalyst. Original… More »
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