Advanced Lighting Guidelines Glossary
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GaN on GaN A new scientific innovation for LED technology is the ability to grow GaN crystals on its native GaN substrate (“GaN… More »
Ganglion cells A layer of the retina in which electrical signals from the cone and rod photoreceptors are combined and processed before… More »
General lighting Lighting designed to provide a substantially uniform level of illuminance throughout an area. Original Chapter Source: Luminaires Provided By: Franz… More »
Glare A source of light in the field of view that is much higher in brightness than the luminance to which… More »
Glare indices (Glare index) A method of predicting the presence of discomfort glare due to daylighting. Factors affecting the glare index include the size… More »
Glass An inorganic transparent material composed of silica (sand), soda (sodium carbonate), lime (calcium carbonate) and small quantities of alumina, boric… More »
Glaucoma A form of partial sight caused by excess pressure in the eye. The effect of the excess pressure is to… More »
Group relamping A method of conducting a planned replacement of a group of lamps prior to failure but near expected end of… More »
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