Advanced Lighting Guidelines Glossary
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Halogen Lamps using a tungsten filament surrounded by halogen gas encapsulated in quartz, resulting in brighter, whiter light, higher efficiency, and… More »
Heliostat A system of mirrors that reflect the rays of the sun in a predetermined direction or towards a predetermined location.… More »
High intensity discharge (HID lamp) An electric discharge lamp in which the light is produced by an enclosed electrical arc using ionized gases operatiing at… More »
High-pressure sodium An electric lamp that produces light directly from an arc discharge under high pressure. Metal halide, high-pressure sodium, and mercury… More »
Horizontal illuminance Illuminance on a horizontal surface. Original Chapter Source: Daylighting Provided by: Kosta Papamichael / CLTC More »
HVAC Heating Ventilation and Air Condition Original Chapter Source: Policies & Programs More »
Hysteresis losses Losses from molecules in a transformer core resisting being magnetized and demagnetized by the alternating magnetic field. This resistance by… More »
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