Advanced Lighting Guidelines Glossary
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Macular degeneration A common cause of partial sight. The macular lies immediately above the central part of the retina. When it degenerates… More »
Maximum Allowable Junction Temperature The manufacturer rated temperature limit of the LED device. Junction temperatures above this value may lead to sudden catastrophic failure… More »
MCPCB (Metal Core Printed Circuit Boards) A type of printed circuit board that has the dielectric and copper layer laminated to a copper or aluminum core. … More »
Melatonin A hormone produced by the pineal gland at night. Melatonin circulates in the bloodstream as a messenger of time. Original… More »
Melatonin suppression The reduction in melatonin concentration following exposure to light. Original Chapter Source: Health & Performance Provided By: Peter Boyce More »
Mercury lamps A high intensity discharge (HID) lamp which utilizes mercury vapor at relatively high pressures and temperatures to generate light. Original… More »
Mercury starvation The state in which a fluorescent lamp does not have enough mercury vapor present, often resulting in a pinkish lamp.… More »
Mesh Wireless Control Network Network of wireless lighting control devices communicating as nodes in a network; a signal generated by one device is routed… More »
Mesopic vision The state of vision between photopic and scotopic vision in which both rod and cone photoreceptors are active. Conventionally, this… More »
Metal halide lamp A high intensity discharge (HID) lamp which utilizes mercury in combination with metal halide salts operating at relatively high pressures… More »
Minute of arc A measure of angle corresponding to one sixtieth of a degree. Original Chapter Source: Health & Performance Provided By: Peter… More »
Model lighting ordinance (MLO) Outdoor lighting ordinance designed to address light pollution issues. The MLO was developed jointly by the Illuminating Engineering Society of… More »
MR lamp A type of reflector lamp in which the reflector is made up of small individual reflecting surfaces.  MR lamps are… More »
Multi-level switching A bilevel switching strategy involving dual-circuiting the inboard lamps separately from the outboard lamps in three-lamp luminaires, enabling three different… More »
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