Advanced Lighting Guidelines Glossary
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T-5 A fluorescent lamp that is 5 eights in diameter. Original Chapter Source: Sources Provided by: Erik Page More »
T-8 A fluorescent lamp that is 8 eights in diameter. Original Chapter Source: Sources Provided by: Erik Page More »
Tandem Wiring Wiring scheme in which two or more luminaires share a single ballast, reducing installation and energy costs. Original Chapter Source:… More »
Task tuning A lighting control strategy in which the light output of a luminaire or group of luminaires can be adjusted by… More »
Taskplane The surface or area on which visual attention is placed. In an office space, the workplane is at desk height,… More »
Temporal modulation The temporal modulation of a repetitive oscillation is quantified by the formula M = (Lmax – Lmin) / (Lmax +… More »
Thermal discomfort Discomfort caused by excessive or insufficient heat transfer from the environment to the human body. Original Chapter Source: Daylighting Provided… More »
Thermal factor Thermal factor is a light loss factor that should be applied to a lighting design when application conditions imply ambient… More »
Thermal loads Heat that needs to be removed from or added to a space in order to make that space comfortable for… More »
Threshold limit values The amounts of optical radiation which it is believed normally healthy humans may be repeatedly exposed to, day after day,… More »
Thyristor A four-layered semiconductor used for power control, enabling ON/OFF switching and dimming using a method called phase angle control. While… More »
Time-clock A control device that switches or dims the lights at a set future time. The term is also used to… More »
Timer switch A control device that turns the lights in a single load switch leg OFF after a preset period of time… More »
Tinted glazings Glazings that are made of tinted glass, which has additives that cause it to have lower visible light transmittance than… More »
TIR (Total Internal Reflection) The point where the angle of incidence of the light ray to a refractive surface is greater than the critical… More »
Total harmonic distortion A measure of the degree to which a sinusoidal wave shape is distorted by harmonics, with higher values of THD… More »
Transmission Losses Decreases in delivered electricity from “primary” electricity generated due to inherent inefficiencies in the delivery grid. Original Chapter Source: Policies… More »
Transmittance Fraction of light that is transmitted by a certain thickness of material. Original Chapter Source: Daylighting Provided by: Kosta Papamichael… More »
Transparent The property of materials that allow light to be transmitted with negligible or no scattering. Original Chapter Source: Daylighting Provided… More »
Triac The triode alternating current switch, or triac, operates similarly to a thyristor but is typically designed to handle smaller loads… More »
Troffer The housing of a fluorescent luminaire, usually a recessed metal housing that looks like an inverted trough. Original Chapter Source:… More »
Troland The unit of measurement of retinal illumination. Original Chapter Source: Light & Vision Provided By: Heschong Mahone Group / Peter… More »
Tungsten-halogen lamps Incandescent lamps which utilize a halogen gas surrounding the filament to produce a recycling of the tungsten filament material back… More »
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