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Last Update: March 11, 2012
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Retail Applications

Ambient Lighting Strategies

Indirect / direct fluorescent

Pendant-mounted, linear fluorescent luminaires can light the ceiling as well as the gondolas below. This strategy increases the overall perception of brightness within the space. If flexibility is needed, the ambient pendant system can be oriented perpendicular to the gondolas.

Fluorescent stack lighting

Fluorescent stack lighting mounted to the face of the gondolas illuminates the face of the gondolas much like stacks in a library. With this strategy, the focus becomes the product itself and the spill provides plenty of ambient light for circulation. This type of systems adds a significant extra expense.

Induction high bay lighting

Induction high bay lighting may be considered for its extremely long life. While initially expensive, the reduction in maintenance costs can make this strategy economically feasible. This could be particularly advantageous in stores that are open long hours.

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