Luminaires & Distribution
Last Update: October 30, 2010
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ALG Luminaire Directory

Luminaire selection begins by understanding the interior space, its visual tasks, and its users. From this the lighting designer knows where to put light, and just as importantly, where not to put light in order to avoid glare, poor visibility, feelings of insecurity and other problems. The designer then selects the luminaire according to its light distribution (with the needed source output), depicted graphically by the intensity distribution.  In addition to light distribution, the designer must also have knowledge of a luminaire’s size, shape, materials, appearance, efficiency, and control options. 

The ALG Luminaire Directory is an innovative tool that lighting designers can use for luminaire selection.  The Luminaire Directory contains graphic images of luminaires commonly used in advanced lighting design. Each luminaire image is accompanied by a photometric distribution graphic, intended to help guide the lighting designer in selecting the right luminaire for a particular application. Technical data sheets (Tech Sheets) are available for numerous luminaires and contain detailed information intended to instruct the lighting professional on how to identify high performance luminaires.   This guidance includes luminaire features, application tips and specification information.

While the Luminaire Directory is a guide to many high performance luminaire types, their light distributions, and some of their applications, it is by no means a complete list of luminaires or applications. Photometric distributions shown are typical but may not represent the entire range of light distributions available for a type of luminaire. As the lighting specifier grows in ability, he or she uses experience and an ever-growing knowledge of available lighting products to find the best luminaire for the application.

The Tech Sheets found within the Luminaire Directory all focus on features that render the luminaires “advanced.” By definition, an advanced lighting system includes higher efficacy light sources, high-efficiency optical systems, highly efficient power supplies/ballasts, and/or control components.
Luminaires & Distribution

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